How To Videos With Chef Alana Peckham

Cooking fresh, local and organic, Chef Alana Peckham shares her grilling expertise and prepares a grilled veggie salad and marinated top sirloin steak at a local farmers market. 

Chef Alana Peckham shares her holiday baking secrets, preparing moist and delicious spiced molasses cupcakes with a butter cream frosting.

Chef Alana Peckham prepares a fresh, simple and delicious Italian appetizer - roasted red pepper, tomato, basil goat cheese bruschetta recipe.

Celebrity Chef, Alana Peckham whips up a healthy batch of oatmeal cranberry chocolate chip cookies.


"Chopped Canada" Champion, Chef Alana Peckham shares her kimchi fried rice recipe and blends up a healthy coconut, mango, kale vegan smoothie. 

Watch Chef Alana Peckham create a delicious Linguini and Scallops dish featuring Alligga Flaxseed Cooking Oil!

Chef Alana Peckham's elegant dishes have won the Best Small Plates category in our Restaurant Awards two years running. Here she shows us her favourite way to prepare butternut squash.

Chef Alana Peckham shows us a delicious holiday dinner alternative to traditional turkey, with a savory roasted pork tenderloin recipe accompanied by a seasonal side of brussels sprouts & cranberry chutney. 

"Chopped Canada" Champion, Chef Alana Peckham shows us how to use different squash varieties for a hearty, seasonal roasted squash soup.

Sharing cooking tips on how to incorporate superfood kale into a main dish or salad, Chef Alana Peckham prepares a curried raisin couscous recipe with sautéed prawns.

Chef Alana Peckham shows us how to prepare a perfectly seared Albacore tuna loin with her signature ginger scallion relish.

Chef Alana Peckham makes a decadent, Canadian-inspired maple bacon cupcake recipe with pecan butter cream frosting.  

Workshop from Aug 1, 2015 Learn to make healthy snacks with Chopped Canada winner Chef Alana Peckham, from Alligga!